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March 2006

Cuppings going good.

30 lots from El Puente today…f’n radical! The “purple princess” with flavors of honey, vanilla, concord grapes, tangerine and grape Kool-Aid. Hey Kool-Aid! Massive floral notes in the cup and aroma. Not as savory as last crop but very Kenya-esque.

Hot as a mother in the cupping room here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Joel, bring short sleeves and sweat bands in May.

Yesterday was El Salvador. Was a bit “challenged”. Spent a good part of the morning freeing up a grinder which was probably never cleaned. Was a freak’n a nail that shut the sucka up. Second the “lab” I was in only had one kettle so we could only use 6 cups at a time. Took 4 1/2 hours to cup 8 coffees. Volume is really low, but the Las Nubitas cupped well. Kyle thought of you while dancing with the Nubitas. Not in a weird way, just know how much you like this coffee. Found ferment in the San Roberto. Will have to reject it if it doesn’t get cleaned up at the dry mill. Only 20 bags of it. Was hoping it would be killer. We’ll see.

Los D. Yeah thats right. Los Delirios! K I L L E R!!!! Better than last year and perhaps the year before when it took first place in the Cup of Excellence. If your looking for a substitute for cherries when baking a cherrie pie, use the Los Delirios. Cherry pie, Cherry Jolly Rancher, Bing Cherrie, Pie Cherrie, Cherrie, Cherrie, Cherrie, and a touch of spice and vanilla. Volumes up a little from last year so lucky us.

All coffees have the potential to change when milled and shipped so keep yer fingers crossed that these beauties will stay the same. At the same time say a little prayer for San Roberto in El Salvador it has the potential to be something special.

Off to Guatemala tomorrow. Cupping with Arturo Sr and Arturo Jr of El Injerto. 100% Bourbon. I’m going to be the luckiest guy in the Zona Rosa.

i miss you all.