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December 2007

A Taste of Sweet Velvet

On one of his early trips, Sorenson drove six hours north from Guatemala City, through dramatic mountainous terrain, to reach Finca El Injerto. “I worked primarily with the younger Arturo, helping him develop his coffee palate,” Sorenson says. “Many coffee growers have never tasted their own coffee.” He asked the Aguirres to keep the bourbon lots separate and to make sure only the ripest cherries were picked….

Sorenson’s years of working with the Aguirres paid off at the 2006 Cup of Excellence, where he was one of the judges. Since the beans are cupped blind, he didn’t know that he was giving the El Injerto sample a very high score, noting its clean character, extreme sweetness and velvety mouthfeel, along with flavor notes of milk chocolate, lavender, violet, tangerine and cardamom. “I was so happy for the Aguirres,” he says, “and proud of Stumptown’s role in developing this spectacular relationship coffee.”