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May 2011

Republished from the the LA Times – May 8, 2011

“At the red brick-walled Stumptown Annex, prepare for earnest cuppings at noon and 2 p.m. every day. Following the same steps that coffee growers, roasters and sellers use for evaluation, for 45 minutes you’ll sniff, smell, re-smell, smell again, slurp and spit three small cups each of about five coffees” …continue reading


On view May 4th – May 31st
Opening reception Thursday May 12th , 6pm – 8pm

Christian Rogers’ newest body of work, “Oh Hi, Thank Heavens You’re Here”, revolves around his relocated studio in the St. John’s home of his grandfather. For the last five months, Rogers has focused on making images of his grandfather and sister turned caretaker, as well as of distal objects found in the residence. In these photo-based prints, Rogers attempts to capture his family’s sense of folly and the benevolence that occurs with every visit to his studio. Additionally, his rendering of the home’s objects attempts to recreate decaying childhood tchotchke and heirlooms in a new, more meaningful light.

Christian Rogers received his BFA from Western Oregon University with a focus in graphic design and printmaking. His work typically focuses on people and memory in relation to self-identity and desire. He likes to employ the usage of collage as it allows him to work fast and intuitively, while letting complex ideas be easily communicated through the appropriation of photos.

FIRST DISPENSATION: or, No Sibs and Other Acquaintances, A Variorum

: or, Things That Turn, Such as Blind Eyes and Battered Cheeks
: or, Such That I Might Lose You All, Multi-Headed Calf
: or, Coevals, Integuments and Curious Unions of a Moment Ago
: or, Unidiomatic Circumlocutions and Schismatic Temperaments
: or, An Another Aeneid, In Aeternum!!

“I seek images wherein the good and the infernal, visibility and non-visibility, have liberty to intersect and so penetrate and renegotiate the necessity of some certain yet unnamable concerns I have about this world. These works are about the brightness of the land and the doom of the house.”

On display May 2nd – 31st, 2011
Opening reception Wednesday May 4th, 4pm – 6pm