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July 2011

Darra Crosby

Tapping into my memory, I start at the front door of each of the significant homes I have lived or spent time in, drawing every detail I can recall. I work room by room, corner to corner overlapping each view. The more discernible objects and areas are made permanent with paint, while those left in chalk represent the fragile memories flirting with disappearance. I struggle to capture the minute details of each room as I think I experienced them.


Opening Reception Thursday, June 30th from 5pm-7pm
We would love to see you there.

Belmont Stumptown Coffee
2256 SE Belmont Street
Portland, Oregon 97214

RETRIBUTION: An Opus of Animal Vengeance

These critters we share Earth with have finally thrown up their wings, paws and flippers and declared “Enough is Enough!” This is a collection of work depicting creatures caught in the act of animal vengeance against mankind’s destruction, be it innocent or not, of the natural world. They are taking back nature in full force, via winsomely dark and farcical methods.

Amy Ruppel is an artist and illustrator, born and raised in the Kettle Moraine woods of Wisconsin near the Mammoth Ice Age Center. She grew up drawing plants and comics, digging up fossils and telling jokes to her deer and raccoon pals that wandered into her woodland forts. Her love for nature and science (and especially birds) led her to an art and illustration career, and to the Pacific Northwest. She has since worked with Target, Converse, HP, Whole Foods, Burton Snowboards, Friends of Trees and many other fun companies, and has showcased her artwork around the globe. Amy is a member of the We-Are-Familia art collective in Brooklyn, NY, where she has discovered that people really enjoy portraiture paintings of pigeons.

Reception Wednesday, July 27th 2011 4pm-6pm

4525 SE Division Street
Portland, Oregon