September 2011

Combined Mythologies


These drawings share a common language, the language of symbols and intuition. Previously these symbols have seemed seperate, unique to one cause, but here they form something fuller, rounder. This grouping comes together with facets of meaning, subtlety, and tailoring.

Reception Thursday, September 1st 5pm-7pm.
3356 Belmont Street – Portland, Oregon

Points of Interest

A “point of interest” is ordinarily a location indicated by a sign on the highway or an arrow on the map. This collection of work posits another reality: memory, meaning and importance are shaped by conversation, feelings and location.

This summer I rode my bike from Alabama to San Francisco. It was fun. It was also very difficult. I spoke with a lot of strangers along the way, and some of those strangers told me important things. I also talked to myself a lot. A frequent internal debate was whether the grandeur of what I was doing was worth all the emotional shit that came with it. I was totally homesick, despite the fact that I was in some of the most beautiful landscapes I’d ever seen.

This work is compiled of words and ideas, some of which are mine and some of which belong to other people. These drawings are a collaboration with a bunch of strangers who recently became part of the story of my path through the middle of America.