November 2011

Kristen Flemington

Kristen graduated from Columbia College Chicago with BFA in Photography. She then turned to drawing and painting for the relaxing and meditative processes of mediums. Her interest is in making simple artworks thinking about different states of mind, the comfort or repetition and patterns in our lives, and familiar beauty of the human form.

Opening reception Friday December 2nd, 6pm-8pm

Join us for wine, snacks and live silhouette cutting.
Kristen will be creating person silhouette pieces during the reception in the tradition of Parisian street artists.  

You can see more of her work here: kristen+flemington

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
3356 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR
M-F: 6AM-9PM / S-S: 7AM-9PM
TEL: 503-232-8889

Curator Contact Info:
Wendy Swartz

X Zone Verboden

December 1st – December 31st, 2011
Opening reception First Thursday December 1st, 6pm-8pm

Set in a land dominated by vast mountain ranges, volcanic craters and filled with a sea of fog, X Zone Verboden is a series of paintings exploring the landscape of a strange world. Inspired by Northern Renaissance landscape art, mid-century science fiction b-films, and 21st century astrophysics, these paintings seek a balance between destruction and discovery. Multiple perspectives, dimensions, and realities overlap and combine to create a cohesive vision of a place where more is unknown than known.

Brian Visser was born in Bellingham, Washington. He studied painting at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where he received his BFA in 2011. Visser lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Image: Wizard Island, 2011, Oil on canvas, 40” x 60”

Letter from El Salvador
Sacred Grounds Aida Batlle and the new coffee evangelists.

“ABSTRACT: LETTER FROM EL SALVADOR about coffee grower Aida Batlle. Batlle is a fifth-generation coffee farmer and a first-generation coffee celebrity. On the steep hillsides of the Santa Ana Volcano, in western El Salvador, she produces beans that trade on the extreme end of the coffee market. These beans have made Batlle an object of obsession among coffee connoisseurs and professionals. During the Salvadoran civil war, from 1980 until 1992, the Batlle family took refuge in Miami, which is where Aida Batlle grew up. She arrived in Santa Ana, the country’s scruffy second city, in 2002, only vaguely acquainted with the business and practice of coffee farming. She knew that the family land had potential, because of its high altitude and rich volcanic soil. In 2003, and Batlle decided to enter El Salvador’s inaugural Cup of Excellence competition. Coffee from Finca Kilimanjaro, one of her farms, impressed the panel of judges. At auction, a Norwegian roaster paid $14.06 per pound for Batlle’s coffee. The auction earned Batlle almost forty thousand dollars. More important, the publicity introduced Batlle to the coffee buyers she calls the “dream team”: Duane Sorenson, the founder of Stumptown, in Portland, Oregon…” Read More >>

Over the last several months, Stumptown has continued filming coffee farmers in their element.  The latest in our series of Source Trip Films features Colombian coffee producers and the intense relationship between these growers, the coffee and their communities.

The film was shot and produced by Trevor Fife