January 2013


Please join us January 17 at the Downtown Cafe as we collaborate with Nationale to host a reading by three rising stars of the Portland writing community. Joseph Mains, Zachary Schomburg and Drew Scott Swenhaugen will all read from recent works.

Need a push onto the free verse freeway? Heed this very sound advice from another heartening local poet and Tin House poetry editor Matthew Dickman:

One of the most moving experiences we can have as human beings is that of mystery.

We fall in love and suddenly our insides become outer space. We are in Portland and dreaming of Austin or we are in Virginia and dreaming of Tennessee. It’s the profound experience of the “other”. There’s a statement I have often overheard in galleries and museums that tie up this experience in a perfect colloquial bow: I don’t get it but I love it, or any hundreds of derivations: I don’t get it but it feels good, I don’t get it but…wow!

This reaction is a human reaction and often experienced, or vocalized, in our relationship with music, dance, film, and visual art. So it seems strange to me that we do not allow ourselves this same sort of ecstatic experience with the reading of poetry. With poetry the above declarations too often end with I don’t get it. There seems to be an expectation that poetry should be, if at first a kind of puzzle, something that is, in the end, figured out; an art form that is best experienced via autopsy. The body of the poem is placed in front of us and we are to cut it open and “figure” it out— when was it born? What was its meaning in life? How did it die?

I would like to argue for the embrace of a more mysterious, inexplicable, and unsolved experience of poetry. Let’s be in love!

January 17 at 7pm
Stumptown Downtown, 128 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR

We are over the moon to announce the latest installment in our video series entitled, “Stumptown.”

The accomplished filmmaker Trevor Fife once again explores the inner workings of Stumptown Coffee Roasters. For years, he has helped us to tell the story of our producers, shedding light on what goes on behind the scenes on the ground at origin. For this project, Trevor turns the camera inward to distill the essence of what it means to be a part of the “Stumptown Family.”

Trevor has been a long-time collaborator with Stumptown: traveling to source with Duane starting in 2006, shooting films on farms like Guatemala Finca El Injerto, and traveling across Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya, blending clean, pristine digital images with gritty and textural Super 8 and 16mm film. His work is not only easy on the eyes but captures the living, breathing spirit behind the coffee farms and the surrounding communities. He’s perhaps best known for the swampy sexy cool True Blood opening sequence shot on Super 8. We feel lucky to work with him and look forward to future collaborations to come.

We are stoked to announce 3Beans, a collaboration with some of the coolest dudes around. Coffee, chocolate and beer? Oh hell yes.

From the folks at Sixpoint Brewery:

Folklore, legend, history and intrepid invention combine to form 3Beans—the biggest, baddest beer Sixpoint has ever canned. Beans and barleymalt, cocoa and coffee coalesce into a brew of luxurious depth… an elixir the likes of which this world has never seen. On shelves late next week.


Walking through the building of Jonathan Sielaff’s spanish-tiled apartment complex, you are surrounded by palm trees as you pass through an iron gate into a dark hallway with red and gold paisley carpet, and into Jonathan and his wife Heather’s bright and orderly apartment. From the outset it doesn’t feel like you’re in Portland anymore (the complex was used to portray L.A. in an episode of Portlandia) and walking in is like a breath of fresh air, which incidentally, is the same feeling you get when you meet Jonathan himself. Studied and focused but completely approachable, he’ll talk with you with the same intensity about the aromatics and findings of his deeply developed palate as he would about a Tatsuya Nakatani performance or a misty coastal hiking trail flush with Chanterelles.

Sielaff is the coffee educator and retail trainer for Stumptown, and is in charge of advancing the coffee program. When we met, we drank a cup of delicate Panama Esmeralda carefully brewed in an Aeropress, and then on to woody, aromatic Tao of Tea Green Dragon oolong out of heavy cups Sielaff recently made in a ceramics class at Oregon College of Art and Craft.



Later, we went for a woodsy walk in Forest Park (where Jonathan and Heather often go to unearth scents for Heather’s fragrance line OLO) and talked about his upbringing as the oldest of eight children of missionary parents, moving around constantly, stopping in Northern British Colombia, Hawaii, the Cook Islands and China. (more…)


Embroidered and cut fabric works

Artist Statement

In these pieces of freehand embroidery on tulle and linen, Emily explores images from her dreams. The fabric forms assume shapes of pillows, wrappings, and coverings, but with their sheer quality, expose what is underneath. The layers of stitching overlap, and in the right light cast shadows on the wall and on itself.

In these pieces she also experiments with cutting out shapes and forms, faces, and hands. Cutting them out of the bigger picture and displacing them. Sometimes dreams feel that way, you are in one place and it is beautiful, and then immediately you are somewhere else, with no explanation.

Opening Reception 4-6pm Sunday, January 20th.

4525 SE Division Street
Portland, OR 97206