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May 2013


Jesse Marvin (whose cutie pie wife, coincidentally, shares the same name) takes us on an up and up, funky fantastic, R&B voyage with this mix. Jesse can often be found wandering around our HQ, taking care of business, telling really good stories, moving pallets of green beans, ordering supplies for our warehouse, and being generally amazing. He thinks he probably has an official title, but if it’s up to him, he prefers “Trail Boss.”

Jesse is an Oregon native, who “grew up chopping wood, smoking meat, dirt bikin’, break dancing, and slapping fives. There was an awful lot of neon and fireworks in those days, just the thought makes my hair stand on end! My hours after work are spent running the stink off my four-year-old, squeezing my Sweetie, and lots of good old fashioned shits and giggles.”

Thanks Boss.


Huge congratulations to our friends who won James Beard Awards last night! We’re so very happy for you.



Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza by Ken Forkish (Ten Speed Press)


Best Chef: Great Lakes
Stephanie Izard, Girl & the Goat (Chicago, IL)

Best Chef: Northwest
Gabriel Rucker, Le Pigeon (Portland, OR)

Best Chef: West
Christopher Kostow, The Restaurant at Meadowood (St. Helena, CA)


Jonathan Sielaff, our Portland Coffee Educator, put together this lovely and chilled out mix to keep us calm and carrying on. Aside from being a pro-palate espresso maestro, he’s also an amazing musician, and all around rad Renaissance dude. He and his wife Heather comb the Northwest wilderness unearthing scents for OLO Fragrance, and his experimental electro-acoustic duo Golden Retriever is finishing up a new album for Thrill Jockey — they also have a recording project with Ilyas Ahmed in the works. Jonathan had a very global upbringing (read all about his life and times in China and the Cook Islands in this profile we wrote on him earlier this year.) His most recent international exploits involve Portland farmers’ markets and diving headlong into Sicilian and Basque cooking.


On view at Belmont May 1st – June 4th
Reception is 4-6pm Sunday, April 12th

Laura is a process focussed artist and sculptor. The works are started by chance; a spill, a peel, a roll of coins. Nails are then placed surrounding the stain, peel or coins, creating a boarder. The edge of the plywood is then outlined by nails. Next string is worked back and forth between the two borders. The concept of the work is exploring different ways to move from one moment to the next – as well as looking for the beauty in chance.



On view at Division May 2nd – June 3rd
Reception is 4-6pm Sunday, May 19th

Trish Grantham’s work starts with wood frames that she covers in vintage paper. The paper is very important knowing how each page will react with different paint colors and resin. Layering the different styles of old paper and book pages in just the right way adds the perfect background to start painting.

Trish loves to spend time in the library going through the picture files and wildlife books getting ready to start new work. She doesn’t start with a sketch or a full idea, but simply starts with one character then begins to build from there. Watching the story unfold as if she is working from an old fable telling it as she goes. Trish always looks forward to the end result, seeing the narrative for the first time.