October 2013

Portland photographer and seven-year Stumptown Division cafe regular Carli Davidson has an amazing new book full of photos of wet dogs shaking off, a seemingly ordinary subject. Yet under Davidson’s adept lens she captures, as she says, “the moment dogs turn into monsters.” Inspired by the iconic Edward Muybridge film of a horse running, these images catch her subjects at their goofiest. Check out the full Huffington Post article here and pick up the book SHAKE here

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On view October 30 - December 14th
Opening reception 5 – 7 pm Sunday, November 3rd 

Using the word ascetic in a secular sense and accepting the meditative aspects within artmaking, LeGette set to work more emotively on this newest series of paintings. Conscious of the communication of space within abstract painting—the spaces we live in, the spaces we’d rather live in, and the freedom within the spaces between—and of the duality of living in a city so closely surrounded by wilderness, her resulting work is at once atmospheric, mysterious, and quietly haunting.

Amie LeGette was born in 1985 and grew up in Northern California. She received her BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. Her work was recently shown at Michael Strogoff in Marfa, Texas. LeGette currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.


Willem Boot wrote an interesting profile of Gesha coffee, its origins, and its evolution over the past decade in Roast Magazine.  Our head green coffee buyer Darrin Daniel weighs in, as does the pioneering producer from Panama, Price Peterson. Read the full article here. Learn more about the Peterson family here and check out their latest coffee offerings here. roastmag4 roastmag3roastmag2

Fall is officially here in the Northwest, and it’s a good a time as any to pack up, pick up and head out to the wilderness. We took a day trip out to the Gorge, coolers stocked, obvs, with plenty of Cold Brew, which pairs quite nicely with our other favorite winter beverages. (Hint: whiskey.)

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On view October 21st – December 1st
Art reception 4 – 6 pm Sunday, November 17th

“You are on a journey. Passing over Europe you make your way to Egypt, one flight, then another. You work in the Midwest and then in the Northwest, stopping along the way like a vagabond. As you move from place to place, from painting to painting, you, the viewer, become the itinerant: the wanderer.

The paintings all start with motion. It’s as if you’re looking at the places in the paintings from the window of a car, plane, or train. I like to call them “drive-bys” because they freeze scenes you might only catch for an instant as you pass by in a moving vehicle. 


When I drive around in my car I prop my camera up on my shoulder to take pictures of the houses and cars I pass. I stitch the images together in the paintings in my studio. The houses, cars and trees that I paint are publicly visible from the road, but they belong to someone, which makes staring at them a bit voyeuristic. 

Recreating their likeness in the studio amplifies this, but they aren’t just as they were. Colors and the alignment of objects are manipulated to echo the way time changes the way we remember things. The paintings are intimate, but not exclusive. Lacking just enough information to tell you exactly where you are or whom you’re looking at, they instead blur like a memory of one place fading into another.”

– Rachel Wolfson


Despite his summer-loving appearance, NYC Cold Brew Manager Brent Wolczynski is very excited about the turning season. He made us this wintry mix to huddle up with. Thanks Brent!

What do you do at Stumptown?

I’m the NYC Cold Brew Manager at Stumptown. It is by far the greatest job I’ve ever had and I’m having the time of my life.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

When not at work, I’m either snowboarding, watching The Simpsons, or brewing beer.

Favorite things to eat right now in New York?

Currently, I love getting breakfast at SCRATCHbread and dinner at Mission Chinese.

Favorite corner of the city?

My favorite corner of the city is probably Red Hook. It’s quite the corner.

What can you tell us about this mix?

Most of these jams are what I have on when it’s cold. I’m getting really excited for a beautiful fall and super cold and snowy winter.