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Africa and Colombia May 2007

Welcome to Stumptown’s cupping room page! My name is Jim Kelso and I head up the Quality Control department which means I cup many beautiful coffees everyday. We cup coffees available both retail and wholesale in addition to the many, many samples that we receive from all over the coffee growing world. From here on, I’ll be offering readers a slice of the flavors and a glimpse of the experiences that we find here on our daily cupping table.

Recently, we have had a few rock-stars stride across our table (think Bjork, not Jagger). The first of which is the Rwanda Musasa. This coffee has been consistently the crowd favorite, both in its cupping profile and its Clover profile. Its creamy, creamy with an intense pineapple juice-like sweetness.

Another consistent favorite has been the Kenya AA Marua. This was, until recently, one of the nine Kenyas offered only on the internet or at the Stumptown Annex. We moved it up from the bench and it is playing every quarter now. Let’s see…if you don’t like a crystal clear cup, strawberry- rhubarb pie, soft oak and rose water that cools to a cup of sweet cherry juice, steer clear.

The most excitement around the table has come from the Colombia Cup of Excellence 2007 (first harvest) cupping. Our favorite coffee on the table, La Esperanza from Isaias Cantillo Osa, was also the number one for the panel of international judges. Stumptown purchased this small, fifteen bag lot, along with Terroir Coffee, for a record $19.20/lb. It has an amazing silken mouthfeel, complex fruit sweetness and elegant jasmine-like floral notes. I had the privelege of sitting of the international jury in Colombia and found this coffee to be my favorite then (I gave it a 94!). It has been very gratifying to have this one join our family. Don’t get too excited yet! This coffee hasn’t even arrived in the country. We expect it to show up sometime this summer.