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April Art Openings

Chris Mullins : TOWARDNESS
On view April 2nd – April 30th at Belmont
Closing reception 4-6pm Sunday, April 14th 

“To look is to look like, to affirm again, and who doesn’t like affirming again? that reason and revelation are no lovers, nor a combination. But if an image can be an apology, what with its cudgels, trestles, cross seas, and lopsides, I would still go on wondering whereabouts you learned to be so magnanimous, so about the veil, and how the seasons thought to part themselves in that place.” – Chris Mullins


Lori Damiano : To the Manner Born
On view April 8th – April 28th at Division
Closing reception 4-6pm Sunday, April 21st

Lori Damiano is a praise singer of all things handmade. The kinds of things she regularly makes with her own two hands are paintings, experimental animations, zines, films, quilts, gardens, miniature sweaters, and pies.

Patrick Driscoll : Hang On, I’m Spitballing
On view April 1st – April 28t at Downtown
Closing reception 4-6pm Sunday, April 21st

“In any selection of works that I produce, there is a varied and sometimes disparate array styles and conventions of painting. Abstract works; representational works; pictorial works; process works; quick and gestural works; meticulously rendered works. This mixture of conventions is intended to appear inconsistent. It is meant to reveal a fact of life that I find curiously inspirational–that lived experience is often fundamentally incoherent. My experience of life is one of so many incompatible variations. My choices among these variations, no matter how careful, will inevitably lead me to contradiction and inconsistent decision-making.” – Patrick Driscoll