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Benjamin McPherson Ficklin Art at Belmont: June 2012

Hues of Reality
Benjamin McPherson Ficklin

Typically beautiful sights are too often turned into typically beautiful photographs. While potentially pretty, straightforward pictures cannot convey the complexity of experience. I sit with my feet in the churning shore of the Willamette River and my mind engages the moment. The river is expansive, the wind hums, the cottonwood trees smell like fresh rain and soft Spring. The moment is constituted by every sense and my personal consciousness. Taking a usual picture of this section of the Willamette River would convey a minute fragment of my experience. I try to fill the void between photography and my experience by presenting my subjects in atypical ways. Experiencing the river elates me, thus I try to elate my photograph of the river with splashes of color. One evening I strolled home drunk on red wine and  came across a fresh pile of pink camellia flowers. If I took a picture of these petals with a bright flash and a nice camera, the resulting image would not be how I saw the flowers. I recall their vibrant pink hue against a backdrop of shadows and green leaves. My photograph of the camellia petals uses one minute’s worth of light that results in a pink cloud. The emotions lent by that wash of pink on canvas hints at my drunk memories more than a precise picture. I only hope that the bright hues and abstracted shapes of my reality are interesting to others.

Love you all,
 Benjamin McPherson Ficklin

Opening reception is 6 pm – 8 pm Sunday, June 10th.

Live Music by:
Sarcastic Dharma Society
Like A Villain

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
3356 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR
M-F: 6AM-9PM / S-S: 7AM-9PM
TEL: 503-232-8889

Curator Contact Info:
Wendy Swartz