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Bruce Collin Paulson: Art at Belmont October 2012


In dealing with the illusion of time I’m focusing on its genesis, the past, the future and the present. The past is made of memories and can only be remembered. It can only be observed in this present moment. The future is a mental construct made of hopes and dreams. It can only be observed when it becomes the present moment, the EVER CHANGING PRESENT MOMENT.

In an attempt to record the ever changing present moment, I have realized that change tends to move towards greater disorder or ENTROPY. In this body of work I have begun to explore the entropy of a graphite line on paper. I decided to keep the way in which I construct each composition similar to the next, working my way from left to right and top to bottom.
- Bruce Collin Paulson

On view October 2nd – October 30th, 2012
Opening reception 6-8 pm Sunday, October 14th

For more information, please contact the curator.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
3356 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR
M-F: 6am-9pm / S-S: 7am-9pm