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Faultlines Reason 2-29

May 6th – June 9th, 2015

Faults, fissures, and rifts expand. The earth is shifting beneath us. Time passes and the in-between spaces grow. In Faultlines (reason 2), Abigail McNamara’s stitches, like the steadily growth of the fault, mark the passing of time. Her approach is slow and repetitive as she works to suspend the rift in its parting and to examine the in-between.

“I meditate on the simplicity of working with my hands, as I seek to access the spaces that lie between the things I know. I try to find comfort in uncertainty, the space where true possibility lies.

Abigail McNamara (b. Missoula, Montana) is a sculptor, drawer, and installation artist. McNamara received a B.A. in Studio Art from Lewis & Clark College (Portland, Oregon) in 2012. She recently received a Career Opportunity Grant from the Oregon Arts Commission. In 2013, she was selected as an artist-in residence by Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts as well as Grin City Collective. McNamara is currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Faultlines Reason 2-9 Faultlines Reason 2-43


On view May 5th – June 1st
Reception 4-6pm Sunday, May 17th
With a reading from Jason’s wife, Michelle Overby, from her book I STAYED UP LISTENING. Also reading her own poetry is Rita, Jason & Michelle’s 6 year old daughter.

“I wake up really early every morning and start my day with a cup of coffee in my studio, which is in my basement of my house. I’ve been getting really into a more meditative drawing practice that is focused on action and form over content. Each of these drawings proceeds from a simple set of rules reified into images over the course of days or weeks. In certain cases I have intentionally disrupted or broken the rules with more spontaneous marks, but the rules always provide the basis for each image. I listen to music on headphones when I draw, and this (along with the coffee) has served as a rhythmic pulse and motivating force. I borrowed lyrics from songs as a way to have some prefab content and in certain cases to help the drawings function temporally with a specific flow. The title “Programming the Surface” was chosen as a description of what I was functionally doing (enacting a set of rules on the surface of a page).” J_O_2


Jason’s art work is featured in Michelle Overby’s debut book of poems I Stayed Up Listening, published by Two Plum Press of Portland, OR. The reception will include a reading from Michelle’s new work, which you can find on her blog, The Rose and the Apple. Copies of I Stayed Up Listening will be available for $6.

Also reading her own poetry is Rita, Jason & Michelle’s 6 year old daughter.


For more information about this show or exhibiting your artwork with us, please contact the curator.

Belmont Stumptown

3356 SE Belmont Street



On view April 28th – June 24th
Reception 4-6pm Sunday, May 31st

Jon MacNair was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in the suburbs of Southeastern Michigan near Detroit. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2005, where he earned a BFA in Illustration. Jon’s commercial work has appeared in various editorial publications and mainly been used for apparel and package design. In addition to freelance illustration, he frequently exhibits his personal work in galleries around the U.S. and abroad. Publications like Beautiful Decay, Elle Girl, Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose have also featured his gallery work. Jon currently resides in Portland where he continues to create and exhibit his art.


“For a long time now there has been an undeniable narrative quality to my work. I think as a trained illustrator it makes sense that my personal work also seems to want to tell a story. Sometimes I have a narrative in mind that I want to depict, but other times I just let the story unfold as I work. Over the past couple years I have become more and more aware of the self-analytical effects my drawings seem to have on me and the kinds of things I learn about myself in the process. I like to create scenarios that play out on the paper; little vignettes that the viewer can ponder the origins of and hopefully imbue with their own personal meanings and interpretations. There is definitely a sense of darkness, hierarchy and mysticism that permeate my landscapes and characters. Often I place these players in a nighttime setting. At night, nothing is what it seems; shapes shift and shadows loom, tricking the eye and making us question what is real and what is imagined. There’s also an introspective kind of silence and solitude that occurs only at night. The dreary realities of life seem to melt away, allowing magic and mythology to slowly emerge from the darkness to weave fantastical narratives not visible in the daylight. This body of work is a collection of just such tales and the characters that frequently feature in them.



Division Stumptown
4525 SE Division Street

EWNOn view April 7th – May 5th
Opening reception 4-6pm Sunday, April 12th

Everything’s Weird Now is a collaborative effort between Porltand based artist/design team Harrison Freeman and Zach Yarrington. The intended goal was to create portraits of people they know using both images and words, and based on experiences they have had with those people. The images are meant not only to capture the subject’s likeness, but hopefully to capture their personality. Whether that is in a facial expression or an action or an outfit, the image is meant to portray the subject as they are known to them. The words were chosen to represent either something the subject says frequently, like a catch-phrase, or, if not a catch-phrase, then a set of words that were chosen to represent the subject. Of course some of these ideas will only be obvious to a few people. A stranger will not necessarily know the person in the painting or what they are prone to saying or doing, but the words were also chosen to create a narrative for the viewer. A choose your own adventure, if you’re not familiar.


For more information about this show or exhibiting your artwork with us, please contact the curator.

Belmont Stumptown
3356 SE Belmont Street


April 1st – May 5th, 2015


Departing from her usual watercolor medium, Isis Fisher presents Entanglement, a collection of black and white drawings, at Stumptown Downtown.

“These works focus on interweaving forms, organic pattern, and varying, uneven symmetry.  Although the lines are clean, the symmetry is often distorted which gives it a very human element.  In these drawings, I use the juxtaposition of various textures and patterns to create a tapestry of interlocking imagery, smaller forms creating a larger image.  Often when I begin a piece, I have no pre-conceived notion of the outcome. I allow the work to develop gradually and spontaneously.”


Isis Fisher is a self-taught artist from Maui, Hawaii who now lives and works in Portland, Oregon.  Her first exhibition opened at Breeze Block Gallery in 2010. Since then, she has shown in many small venues and galleries both in Portland and Hawaii. Most recently, she showed her first collection of black and white drawings at the Flaming Lips’ gallery, The Womb, in Oklahoma City. Entanglement is her first time showing at Stumptown Downtown.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Downtown)
128 SW Third Avenue
Portland, OR 

JG_3 On view March 10 – April 6th
Reception 4-6pm Sunday, March 22nd with music by Jonathan Sielaff (of Golden Retriever)

John Gnorski was born and raised in Virginia and lives and works in Portland. He writes and plays music with the band Houndstooth.



For more information about this show or exhibiting your artwork with us, please contact the curator, Wendy Swartz –

Division Stumptown
4525 SE Division Street