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On view December 3rd - January 2nd
Opening reception 4 – 6 pm Sunday, December 8th
with music performed by Cary Novotny and Seamus Egan

“I entered a county fair art contest when I was  5 or 6  years old. My Grandmother had helped me with the watercolor painting. It was a hillside and a meadow with an old oak tree and a bunny rabbit. There were a few flowers and a little sign that said “bunny trail” and behind them was the big, round sun. The oak tree had a large hole in its trunk and looked as if the tree had once been cut to a tall stump and then had started growing again. There was a snail off to the side of the painting that was almost as big as the rabbit. The flowers were big and not in proportion with the rest of the painting. The bunny rabbit, however, was so damn good. It looked like a real rabbit sitting up in a meadow. The detail stood out against the other objects in the painting, almost as if it had been drawn and painted by another person. Oh yeah, someone else did draw it. It was my Grandmother who had helped me with the difficult task of drawing a rabbit. The picture received a second place ribbon for my age group and I always kinda felt like I didn’t really deserve it  because I hadn’t painted the entire picture alone. Somehow though, years later I take images that usually aren’t mine and turn them into my art for which I feel 100% proud of.  

This show is mostly a reflection of my younger years when the world felt wide open and experimenting with mind altering substances was fairly commonplace. When my rebellious attitude was coupled with freedom to take off with a one way ticket and $500 in my pocket to forget about things and to absorb what the open road had to offer me.”

– Tim Wenzel

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HQ1_web HQ2_webHQ4_webStarting next Wednesday, December 4, we are opening up our home here at Stumptown HQ in Portland’s SE industrial district for public tours.

Want to see how our coffee roastery operates? Check out our training lab, roastery floor, green coffee QC lab and more. Tours will be offered on Wednesdays at 1 pm, limit 10 per tour, first come, first served. The tours will last about 45 minutes to an hour and will include a 1/2 lb bag of coffee roasted before your very eyes.

Tours will be FREE at our Stumptown HQ until the end of the year. Email tours@stumptowncoffee.com to sign up.


On view October 30 - December 14th
Opening reception 5 – 7 pm Sunday, November 3rd 

Using the word ascetic in a secular sense and accepting the meditative aspects within artmaking, LeGette set to work more emotively on this newest series of paintings. Conscious of the communication of space within abstract painting—the spaces we live in, the spaces we’d rather live in, and the freedom within the spaces between—and of the duality of living in a city so closely surrounded by wilderness, her resulting work is at once atmospheric, mysterious, and quietly haunting.

Amie LeGette was born in 1985 and grew up in Northern California. She received her BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. Her work was recently shown at Michael Strogoff in Marfa, Texas. LeGette currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.



On view October 21st – December 1st
Art reception 4 – 6 pm Sunday, November 17th

“You are on a journey. Passing over Europe you make your way to Egypt, one flight, then another. You work in the Midwest and then in the Northwest, stopping along the way like a vagabond. As you move from place to place, from painting to painting, you, the viewer, become the itinerant: the wanderer.

The paintings all start with motion. It’s as if you’re looking at the places in the paintings from the window of a car, plane, or train. I like to call them “drive-bys” because they freeze scenes you might only catch for an instant as you pass by in a moving vehicle. 


When I drive around in my car I prop my camera up on my shoulder to take pictures of the houses and cars I pass. I stitch the images together in the paintings in my studio. The houses, cars and trees that I paint are publicly visible from the road, but they belong to someone, which makes staring at them a bit voyeuristic. 

Recreating their likeness in the studio amplifies this, but they aren’t just as they were. Colors and the alignment of objects are manipulated to echo the way time changes the way we remember things. The paintings are intimate, but not exclusive. Lacking just enough information to tell you exactly where you are or whom you’re looking at, they instead blur like a memory of one place fading into another.”

– Rachel Wolfson

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Opening Reception 4-6 Saturday, November 9th

David Berkvam encourages his viewers to, “Please feel free to rotate and mutate the paintings. Have fun with circular symbiogenesis. Discover round transmutation. Enjoy rotary gene transfer. Experiment with turning clockwise and counterclockwise to evolve and devolve.” If you are in Portland, check out this playful and interactive new series from one of our favorites, David Berkvam.

See more of his work here.



“We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure, but not delight. We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.” – From “A Brief for the Defense” by the late great Jack Gilbert.

Please join us in risking delight along with the Switch Reading Series for a special Friday the 13th reading with Brooklyn poet and musician Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Rodney Koeneke and K. Silem Mohammad.

THE DETAILS: September 13, 7:30 pm
Stumptown, 4525 SE Division Street

Now! Read this important piece by Mark Doty here entitled “Why Poetry Matters Now”.