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On view August 2nd – September 30th
Opening Reception Sunday, August 3rd (4 – 6pm) 

Worlds is a series of paintings that I began working on in early February of this year. I set out in the end of winter to plant the seeds of a show focusing on positivity, transformation, and community. Here we are in August and everything is blooming all around us. It’s what everyone in Portland pines for in the rainy grey months. I feel that these paintings are a representation of that process. In this show are the artifacts of my own personal challenges, awakenings, and commitments to my path. All of my paintings are done with three brushes: a line brush, a fill brush, and a brush for washes. I like using brushes as opposed to pens because they are more versatile and create a more expressive line quality. I use india ink, water color, and gauche, on water color paper and seek out vintage wood frames for my work. I am currently in my thesis year in the Communication Design program at Pacific Northwest College of art.

Contact me through my website for art and design opportunities! zacharymarvick.com // zachymane @ instagram

- Zachary Marvick


For more information, please contact Wendy Swartz (wendy@stumptowncoffee.com)

Division Stumptown
4525 SE Division Street

Molten Mini

On view August 1st – September 29th
Opening Reception Sunday, August 17th (4 – 6pm) 

My work consists of simple geometric forms and ambiguous symbols created with traditional sign painting materials and technique. The process of gilding with precious metals, crushed glass smaltz and lettering enamel reflect on a culture increasingly dictated by shallow advertising and flashy surfaces. An anxiety inducing white noise is the result when our surroundings distort our definition of value and conflict with the natural world.

– Bradley Streeper

Smaltz Rock

For more information, please contact Wendy Swartz (wendy@stumptowncoffee.com)

Belmont Stumptown
3356 SE Belmont Street

CHRISTIANROGERS2On view July 2nd – August 1st, 2014
Closing reception Sunday, July 27th (4 – 6 pm)

Having a multifaceted approach to developing and making abstract images, Christian Rogers’ work is a visual response to the information he consumes daily via print, media and web. These reflections often manifest themselves into casualist-like, post-modern abstractions made from collaged Zerox prints, paint, glue and cardboard. Closer examination reveals works that are anything but informal and happenstantial. Like his life, Rogers’ art is a byproduct of mass digital consumption, critical observation, long reflection and a little bit of deception. ALL WAYS GO is his second solo exhibition at Stumptown’s Downtown location.


Born and raised in North Portland, Christian Rogers continues to live and work in Portland. He received his BFA from Western Oregon University in 2010 and will be attending Hunter College for his MFA in the fall.

For more information, please contact may@stumptowncoffee.com.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Downtown)
128 SW Third Avenue, Portland, OR
M-F: 6am-6pm/S-S: 7am-6pm

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On view June 30th – July 31st
Opening Reception 4 – 6pm Sunday, July 20th 

In the Absence of A Bowl of Peaches

Why do I paint these weary, yet determined, men whose countenance hint familiarity with the dark and red of life? What would be so wrong with at least one panting of a nice bowl of peaches?

I truly don’t know the answer. All I can tell you is my wife’s theory. And she has a history of being right.

I don’t choose what I paint. The conscious, thinking, calculating “I” doesn’t make that decision. “I” don’t choose how the work is done, what tools are used, or whether a painting has green hair or a blue nose. All of those decisions are made in some way that I cannot write about because I don’t understand how they happen. Except for this: “I” decide when the painter puts down his tools.

The work is done when the intimation of a soul, however imperfect of form, is looking out at me from the easel. Then I say “stop,” scratch my name in the wet paint, and pour an Irish.

If, at some point down the road, a viewer comes along and senses in my work a trace of a suggestion of a human presence, then I will be satisfied. For he or she will have seen what I saw.

And now the theory:
For the last ten years, or so, of my career as a lawyer, most of my clients were men of my generation who had been sexually abused as children. They were bruised and tenacious men. I was often the first person that they trusted with their story. Together, we confronted the responsible institutions – often churches that had knowingly allowed pedophile clergy to stalk young boys. My clients were part of the team that forced the Archdioceses of Portland into a settlement that acknowledged the harm it and its priests had done to my clients – and to countless other children.

My wife, who sustained my soul through this work, thinks that that experience is expressed in my art and that these anonymous guys are my guys. At least, that is her theory. – DS


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Breathing Exercises
New artwork by Joseph Jo Jo Dancer McVetty

On view June 4th – August 4th

Jo Jo dancer is an artist an illustrator living and working in Portland, Oregon. He loves his wife and 3 children.

Artist’s Statement:

1.  Breathe in through your base chakra to your solar (666) chakra.

2.  Hold your breath as long as you can, comfortably, and focus on your 6th chakra/pineal gland.  You should feel a bit of pressure on the 6th chakra.

3.  Exhale, and repeat for as many rounds as is comfortable.

What this does:  This breathing exercise connects the two all important pineal gland/6th chakra (female aspect) to the 666 solar chakra (male aspect).  A powerful energy link must be established between these two chakras in order to perform the Magnum Opus.


For more information, please contact Wendy Swartz (wendy@stumptowncoffee.com)

Division Stumptown
4525 SE Division Street


On view May 30th – June 29th
Opening Reception Sunday, June 8th
 4 – 6pm

“The things that stand out the most are:  I have a little boy who is three. He is the cutest human on the planet. I live with him, my partner and her teenaged daughter. They are cute too, and also scary. I work, to pay some bills, with fruit and vegetables at New Seasons Market. And I work in my basement studio, to keep a tenuous grasp on my sanity, on some artwork.  I like being in the woods and with friends and eating sweet things. I don’t get enough sleep at all. I’m so happy it’s summertime. I like movies and sometimes stay awake to finish them. I like to listen to books, which brings me to…

This show came to mind while I was on a science fiction binge. It really stood out to me that both classic and current authors nearly always write up a dystopian future. Whether environmental or world war or technologically driven (usually a combination), the end of our society was always down. Yes, it’s easy to imagine, with our environmental disregard and hand computers and general lack of empathy.  But, what if the strongest and best version of us is what wins out?  I wanted to imagine an end to all this as a path to something sweeter. Maybe our future is utopian. Maybe we are better than we think… And if so, this is where I imagine we make our new home, these spaceships.”

- Nicholas Schaefer (aka Cin Shepherd)

PS: Proceeds from this show go to Eden Carr’s “Carpe Diem Education” trip to India.

For more information, please contact Wendy Swartz (wendy@stumptowncoffee.com)

Belmont Stumptown
3356 SE Belmont Street