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Opening Reception 4-6 Saturday, November 9th

David Berkvam encourages his viewers to, “Please feel free to rotate and mutate the paintings. Have fun with circular symbiogenesis. Discover round transmutation. Enjoy rotary gene transfer. Experiment with turning clockwise and counterclockwise to evolve and devolve.” If you are in Portland, check out this playful and interactive new series from one of our favorites, David Berkvam.

See more of his work here.



“We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure, but not delight. We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.” – From “A Brief for the Defense” by the late great Jack Gilbert.

Please join us in risking delight along with the Switch Reading Series for a special Friday the 13th reading with Brooklyn poet and musician Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Rodney Koeneke and K. Silem Mohammad.

THE DETAILS: September 13, 7:30 pm
Stumptown, 4525 SE Division Street

Now! Read this important piece by Mark Doty here entitled “Why Poetry Matters Now”.

IMG_4480On view September 2nd – October 26th, 2013
Opening reception 5 – 7 pm Sunday, September 8th 

The paintings in Long Summer resemble stages and arenas that attempt to house the absurd fluctuations present in contemporary imagery. Banded and segmented by abstracted planes and bars, the environments presented in these paintings reference a wide variety of media sources, ranging from travel photos and artificial advertisements to horrific news images. Flat spaces give way to gestural smears and light pastel colors meld into thick blacks and blues, thus creating combinations that at once suggest tropicality and composure while also alluding to something more unsettling and grotesque.

IMG_4460William Matheson is a painter temporarily based in Portland. A graduate of Pacific Northwest College of Art’s BFA program, Matheson was recently accepted into the Royal College of Arts graduate program in London, where he will pursue his MFA. This is his first exhibition at Stumptown Downtown.

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For more information, please contact may@stumptowncoffee.com



On view at Division September 4th – October 20th

MA: A Meaningful Absence
refers to a Japanese term used in Taiko drumming that defines a void. The voids in the MA series are areas where paint has been torn and physically removed, revealing the painting’s substrate. The shapes created by the black stained wood combine with the surrounding painted areas to create a positive/negative spatial shift, and also calls attention to the physical, material properties of the painting.

For additional information/images, please contact wendy@stumptowncoffee.com.
Visit Bradley’s website.

storm series 4.1

On view at Belmont September 5th – October 15th
Reception 4-6pm Sunday, September 15th

“Storm Series continues to investigate my creative interest in the structure of the natural world. Much like my previous body of work, Imaginary Landscapes, which consist of large, highly-textured and abstracted paintings on canvas, these new works delve into how artistic process and naturally occurring phenomena share visual and tactile properties, including patterning, layering, additive and subtractive elements.

These new works begin primarily in a black, white and gray palette, beginning to recreate sweeping terrestrial and atmospheric formations and abstractions; they follow with layers of pigment and ink washes, technical gouache and acrylic applications. They attempt to map both the sky below and the space beyond, whether cosmic or geographic, creating an expanse between and an extension above. The viewer looks upward with some, or repositions as a satellite looking down upon land and sea in others, or yet other times is caught between. Collectively, they follow, document and forecast their own dynamic weather system. From pigment clouds to frenzied electric line-work to the nightly shadows of star clouds, they create their own story of their storm.”

Nadia Fay, 2013

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For additional information/images, please contact wendy@stumptowncoffee.com.


exhaustwebIf you happen to be in Denver this month, hightail it to Ryan McClennan’s new painting show Fabrications at David B. Smith Gallery.

Ryan works as the lead driver out of our Red Hook, Brooklyn Roastery and makes arresting, tangled paintings rife with themes of renewal and decay, ecology and evolution, and the order (or disorder) of the natural world. His work has been published in New American Paintings, Juxtapoz Magazine,and The Boston Globe, and he’s won several awards for his work including the Dave Bown Projects Competition Finalist award, and the 2010 West Prize, Grand Prize. See more of his striking work here.

Fabrications opens on Friday, September 6 and runs through October 5.