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The Idiot’s Guide to Drinking Coffee in Seattle

I wandered some more, and ran into a kind soul who said I had to check out Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Brynn and Will greeted me there.

“We specialize in single-cup Chemexes,” Brynn said when I asked about their
signature drink.

I had no clue what that meant.

“Do you have cappuccinos?” I asked.

“Yep, we make ‘em with our Hair Bender blend. The first Stumptown was in a converted hair salon in Portland, hence the name,” Brynn said.

“We actually have a cupping at 3:00 if you want to check that out,” Will offered as I enjoyed my drink, my hand shaking with each lift of the cup.

A cupping? I felt like such a neophyte.

Marcy would be our fearless leader for what I learned was a time-honored tradition.

“We do cuppings here to develop our palates as baristas, so we can recognize flavor profiles and insure consistency,” she began. “That’s why there are three cups of each of the five coffees we will be sampling.”

Then Marcy explained the steps:
1. Smell each coffee in its dry state
2. Add boiling water and smell in wet state
3.Get spoon and break “crust,” scoop escaping aroma towards you*
4. Take a spoonful from each cup and sip to compare flavors*
5. Spit out if so desired

(* Do not cross-contaminate spoons. Use new spoons for each cup.)

I followed her directions with the fervor of a religious devotee as we compared the five roasts against themselves and with each other.

When we finished I felt one step closer to unlocking the magic of the bean, but was convinced that the mystical process would take longer than a day.

I also felt light-headed. I’d had my coffee fix for the year.

Read full article here at http://intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com

Stumptown is proud to announce that we have joined Rudy’s Barbershop
in support of Krochet Kids International, a non-profit whose mission is to create sustainable economic development programs supporting the growth of individuals and communities in developing nations. During the first week in July, baristas at Stumptown NYC will be donning limited edition bow ties crocheted by women in the Krochet Kids program to show support and build awareness for this organization.

To learn more, stop by our cafe in the Ace Hotel in Manhattan or visit the Krochet Kids website: http://www.krochetkids.org/

In support of GO SKATE DAY this Thursday,
we’d like to introduce you to Stumptown sponsored pro skateboarder, Chet Childress. As a resident & local fixture in Portland’s thriving skate scene, we are mega-stoked to support this guy. Here’s a little glimpse into his world…

Some more shreddage footage.

We are honored to collaborate with acclaimed English designer Tom Dixon, on London Underground at New York Design Week 2012. Featuring work from his Luminosity collection, we will be serving coffee alongside the showcase in a custom designed/built pop-up coffee cart. On Display at the Bleecker Street Theatre, May 17-22.

Visit www.tomdixon.net/news for more updates.

Tom Dixon’s Design Talks from Carlo Lavagna and Roberto De Paolis on Nowness.com.