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Adam McClellan, Coffee Buyer

We talk a lot about quality around here. But what does that mean beyond the cupping table, brew bar, and espresso machine? Since we base our green coffee purchasing on the best of the best, we want repeatability and investment on the source side to get to that quality year after year, so what type of work and measurement is needed to get to that cup quality to have positive social impact and long term benefits?

For us, the combined work and investment of Ethiopia Duromina co-operative together with Technoserve, shows the clear path and model for this coffee quality/social/environmental benefit equation.

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We are thrilled to be able to serve you this stunning coffee, now a standard part of our annual line up of incredible Ethiopia offerings, and to be investing even heavier in this great partnership as the new harvest begins in Ethiopia. This year’s Duromina continues to exhibit flavors of pineapple, green grape and candied citrus.  For us, it remains one of the most emblematic cups from Ethiopia to date.  Also, it’s in the running for our single origin espresso of the year. Enjoy.


artist_series_blogStumptown has always been staffed by a crew of artists (just look at Stumptown longtimers Tim Root & Tim Wenzel) so in honor of our 15th birthday on November 1, we put out a call to Stumptown staff across the country to submit original artwork to don the Hair Bender bag cards for the month of November – here is the full spread of submissions. How lucky are we to work among such talent.

From left to right:

(top row) Emily Hibsman, Brent Wick, Steph Ketnick
(second row) Joseph McVetty, Jesse Marvin, Austin Wahl
(third row) Marcie McCabe, Beau Berkley, Marian Miller
(bottom left) Jaime Boddorff


Portland Belmont cafe barista and artist Tim Root has been a Stumptown institution for as long as most of us can remember. In honor of our 15th anniversary, he created this mug, which is paired with a bag of Hair Bender in a gift box emblazoned with one of his drawings.

Tim Root was one of the first baristas Duane hired 14 years ago, and is the artist behind the hilarious and notorious Stumptown ads, often featuring snaggle-toothed old guys with twisted skinny limbs contorted at the mercy of their own bodies, riding skateboards and pounding coffee.

For more on this dude that we’re so lucky to work with, check out this profile about him on our blog.


We are happy to announce a collaboration with the very talented potters and designers behind Mazama, a Portland-based ceramic studio that creates clutch-worthy mugs, cups and pitchers.

It’s hard to find a wheel thrown production pottery studio that does this so well, and these folks pay a great deal of attention to consistency and design. ”Even though everything we make is hand thrown, we have a very tight standard when it comes to size and shape,” says co-founder Meghan Wright. “We wanted to make pieces that are simple, timeless, and felt amazing in your hand, and while you drink. We obsessed over the lip of our cups, as well as the handle design until they felt just right.”

The designs of the cups and vessels are very considered before ever even taking clay to wheel – each piece begins with a pencil sketch, next a computer rendering, and finally the pieces are created in clay on the wheel. After a piece is thrown on the wheel, it is dried for a day, then flipped over and trimmed. This is when the stamp is applied to the bottom. Next, the handle is added. Once completely dry, the mugs are fired in a bisque kiln program. The bisque ware is then carefully sanded and checked for flaws, then the glaze is applied.

Meghan says, “The best part of the design process is testing them out, or ‘Research Drinking’ as we like to call it. Have to make sure our favorite beverages taste good in there, right?”

We can relate the family vibe of the studio and can certainly get behind the folks of Mazama who really rally behind creating a community of people drinking things together.

Our custom, limited-edition, hand-thrown Mazama X Stumptown stoneware mug hits the online shop today. Here’s a peek inside their studio in Northeast Portland. SHOP MAZAMA MUG >>

Mazama_5  Mazama_11 Mazama_3Mazama_10 Mazama_1Mazama_9 Mazama_4Mazama_8  Mazama_6    Mazama_2 Mazama_14

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On view October 8th – November 5th
Reception 4-6 Sunday, October 19th

The focus of this series of etchings was the process in which they were made. Months were spent intensely scratching, scrapping, burnishing, and etching into the surface of large copper sheets. Print proofs were made arbitrarily during this process and then the copper was reworked revealing what lay under the surface.

This series was achieved by adding layers of spray paint, hard ground and sugar to the surface of the copper. Then the exposed areas were bit by acid, scrapped and burnished again and again.

These pieces are a few of the proofs that appeared along the path. A path that continues on, constantly changing.” – Bruce Paulson

Belmont Stumptown
3356 SE Belmont Street