Chris Mullins: Art at Division
May 2011

FIRST DISPENSATION: or, No Sibs and Other Acquaintances, A Variorum

: or, Things That Turn, Such as Blind Eyes and Battered Cheeks
: or, Such That I Might Lose You All, Multi-Headed Calf
: or, Coevals, Integuments and Curious Unions of a Moment Ago
: or, Unidiomatic Circumlocutions and Schismatic Temperaments
: or, An Another Aeneid, In Aeternum!!

“I seek images wherein the good and the infernal, visibility and non-visibility, have liberty to intersect and so penetrate and renegotiate the necessity of some certain yet unnamable concerns I have about this world. These works are about the brightness of the land and the doom of the house.”

On display May 2nd – 31st, 2011
Opening reception Wednesday May 4th, 4pm – 6pm