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Cupping w/ Coffee Buyer Adam McClellan

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Cafe de Leche
5000 York Blvd
Highland Park (LA), CA 90042
cup2CDL At Stumptown, coffee cuppings are a part of every day life. We cup coffees at origin to evaluate for potential purchase, and again after receiving shipments. At our PDX headquarters, and in our Seattle and NY roasteries, we cup to get to know a specific coffee and hone in on a coffee’s ideal roast profile. Additionally, we use cupping as part of our education and training curriculum in effort to teach baristas and customers about our coffees, and offer insight into how our purchasing strategy contributes to excellent quality and consistency. Cupping can be a very social exercise. Anyone, regardless of their experience and relative knowledge of coffee can take part, thus making cupping the perfect exercise when bringing total strangers together in shared exploration of our craft.cup3CDL cup4CDLThe forthcoming LA roastery marks a significant moment in the ever-evolving story of Stumptown. The opportunity to to introduce our coffee and company culture to a new part of the country requires careful planning and coordinated effort. It is fitting that our first coffee buyer-hosted cupping took place at one of our oldest LA accounts, Cafe de Leche. Recently featured on NPR, Cafe de Leche is an integral part of the Highland Park Community. This past Monday, our green coffee buyer Adam McClellan visited CDL during a stopover on his way to Ecuador. Adam’s role at Stumptown is critically important–Adam and Stumptown’s lead green coffee buyer Darrin Daniel travel the world in effort to gain firsthand insight about the farmers and farms we source from. To mark the occasion of his visit, Adam brought four “new release” coffees to share at Cafe de Leche, roasted this past Friday by longtime Stumptown head of QC Jim Kelso, on Stumptown’s original 5-kilo coffee roaster.