DARIUS KUZMICKAS: Art at Downtown January 2012

Camera Obscura: Outside In(n) + Ocean Pinholes: Sunset

On view January 5th – January 31st, 2012
Opening reception First Thursday January 5th, 6pm-8pm

For his first solo exhibition at our Downtown cafe, Kuzmickas shows photographs from his latest project, Camera Obscura: Outside In(n). Here, hotel rooms and apartments were converted into Camera Obscuras (literally translated as “dark, vaulted chambers”), each becoming a pinhole camera of its own. Capturing the loneliness of an inhabited space flooded with the accouterments of the outside world, Camera Obscura is an interpretation of our visual perception and of how we assimilate information from our urban cityscape. The exhibition also includes his work Ocean Pinholes: Sunset, which offers a new and evocative interpretation of the sunset picture cliché.

Pinhole photography (or the camera obscura) is a heavily intuitive process concerned more with creating a mood than delivering an image wrapped in the trappings of reality. Simple in theory, the process, predating modern photography, is quite tricky. What isn’t left to luck is owed to plenty of practice, precision, and experimentation.

Originally from Lithuania, Darius Kuzmickas currently lives in Portland, OR. He often shoots with medium & large format pinhole film cameras thus allowing his viewers’ imagination more room to impart its own story.

You can see more of his work on his website: www.kudaphoto.com.

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