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Dylan Walker’s DO NOT FEAR THE REAPER – at Downtown


The acceptance of death is the source of all life.” —John Cage

In Dylan Walker’s new series, “DO NOT FEAR THE REAPER”, the paintings are big, colorful, and dense. They seem to tell the universal story of human life from birth to death and back to birth again. Stylistically naive and emotive, these works pay much more attention to their organic turmoil than to their likeness to reality. Elated at times, they are a testament to Walker’s love for drama and color, all the while exhibiting an absolute flair for the absurd.

Dylan Walker lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He splits his time between painting houses, teaching meditation and yoga in the recovery community, and working on various creative projects—including an upcoming illustrated children’s book with his sister and Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Darci Walker-Comer. Walker is currently studying Native American and South American healing traditions with his teachers, Chief Alex Turtle and Chenoa Egawa, and is training to become a Kundalini Yoga instructor. This is his second solo exhibition at Stumptown Coffee Roaster’s Downtown café.

On view June 17th – July 27th, 2013
Reception Sunday, June 30th (5-7pm)
…with DJ Rafael from The Miracles Club
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Gather Dust
Drew Swenhaugen

With all the implied difficulties
Hey buddy
here is a handfull
of dust
shucked already
Go do
with it what
you must
and go do it again
Again implies
there is an again and a make

do with it feeling
suspended and
but going somewhere
If you say this is good
the funny thing is

Youll never know if it will be
and you never knew if it was.


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