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Emma Barnett: Art at Division September 2012

I’m on Vacation

On a recent vacation to where she grew up, visual artist Emma Barnett was unsettled. Feeling like a stranger in the city where she once felt eternally rooted, Emma saw the ghost of herself in the places she used to haunt. She is from Manhattan where the notion of “vacation” can be encapsulated in the foreign aesthetic of Southern California in the 80s: palm trees, convertibles, Patrick Nagel prints, and a bikini clad, over-teased blonde rollerblading in front of a Venice Beach sunset. Each piece in “I’m On Vacation” is constructed from this duality. They contain both a stylized aesthetic that is a caricature of what a vacation is meant to be and the elements that Emma inherently associates with her experience growing up in New York City.

On view September 3rd – October 3rd, 2012
Opening reception 4-6 pm Sunday, September 16th

For more information, please contact the curator.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
4525 SE Division Street
Portland, OR
M-F: 6am-7pm / S-S: 7am-7pm