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Garrett Price: Art at Division October 2012

Matters of Life and Death

I make my work on steel for many reasons. The durability, reflective quality and psychological energy it carries are just a few. Steel is raw and elemental. It conveys strength, permanence and history. The images of architecture and nature I create are meant to connect to those qualities of steel directly. The process of making my work is also connected to the imagery in its industrial nature.

My images come from both the built and the natural environment around us. My eye is attracted to the strictly ordered lines and angles of industrial architecture, as well as the chaotic balance of lines found in nature. The two disparate landscapes connect with the steel medium in different ways. The industrial architecture has a very direct connection, as the structures I etch into steel are usually made of steel themselves. The tree images are organic shapes, and when they are caustically rendered into the surface of the inorganic steel, they have a strong dichotomous connection. Conceptually, I see the two themes working together to represent balance, strength and a power in duality.

The process I use to make my work is a multi-layered combination of new and old techniques, involving photography, silkscreen and acid etching. This process relates to the conceptual ideas of balanced duality, with it’s combining of tools and techniques that are both modern and archaic. I use my creative instincts and design skills along side my power tools and nitric acid. It is both refined and delicate, and at the same time raw and powerful.

On view October 1st – October 29th, 2012

You can see more of his work here.
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