Heather Hargesheimer: Art at Belmont November 2011

Heather grew up in a small town in western New York where I learned to paint and draw from my grandmother. I have worked in various media: watercolor, pencil, charcoal, pen and ink. I studied art and architecture in school and earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree. I have been exploring encaustic painting, the ancient medium of manipulating pigmented beeswax on panels. Egyptians used the technique for realistic portraits to attach to their mummies, but it also leads itself to more abstract compositions, such as works of Jasper Johns.

The medium’s luminosity and depth have lead me through a series of studies of abstract compositions built with strong graphical relationships and layered with rich colors. I was intrigued by encaustics because of the ability to layer compositions of rich, luminous color suspended in wax. My work is restrained, yet complex; inspired by nature, but abstracted in its use of forms. Encaustic painting has allowed me a way to open my artwork to a new level of abstraction while still maintaining my connection to the natural world.

On view through the month of November.
3356 Belmont Street – Portland, Oregon