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Hot coffee is a prime requisite.


[1886] New Year’s Table, Leavenworth Kansas

“When refreshments are provided for callers on this day, the tastes of gentlemen only are to be consulted, and it is understood that they prefer rather substantial dishes. Handsome decorations for the table are desirable. Hot coffee is a prime requisite. Sandwiches, salads, pickles, jellies, and three or four kinds of cold meats may be provided. Escaloped oysters are relishable. Two or three ornamented cakes for decoration, and one or two baskets of mixed cake, will be needed, and such fresh fruits as can be obtained, including bananas, oranges, and white grapes. Wine is no longer found upon the New Year’s table in this latitude.”

-Kansas Home Cook-Book consisting of recipes contributed by ladies of Leavenworth and other cities and towns, compiled by Mrs. C.H. Cushing and Mrs. B. Gray, 1886 edition