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JASON TRAEGER: Art at Division April 2012

works by Jason Traeger

The title of this collection of paintings Thirsty Surfer also happens to be my user name on the blogging website Tumblr. Since getting accquainted with the site late last year I’ve become a dedicated, my girlfriend might even call me an obsessed, Tumblr user. I began using the site the same way the majority of its user seem to: as a self-curated photo gallery primarily consisting of images found on other Tumblrs.

Since I began “Tumbling” I expanded from having a single photo gallery to having several galleries. Each one has it’s own unique aesthetic mission or vibe. A photo I love might fit well into Thrifty Herder but to my mind would be out of place on Thrashy Blurter for instance.

In the past few weeks I’ve branched out from working only on these photo blogs and I’ve started producing a written blog titled Jason Traeger. This eponymous blog is where I share stories from my life and place them in historic and cultural context. If you are reading this it is my great hope that while on your computer you take a moment to take a look at my Tumblrs. Thank you.

On view April 4th – May 1st, 2012
Opening reception Sunday April 15th, 4 pm – 6 pm

Here are links to the tumblr pages…


Stumptown Coffee Roasters
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M-F: 6AM-7PM / S-S: 7AM-7PM
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Curator Contact Info:
Wendy Swartz