Karl Ramentol: Art at Belmont April 2012

works by Karl Ramentol

Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.
— BenoÎt Mandelbrot

Pattern is an important visual as well as conceptual component in my paintings. Nature’s design is unified, repetitive, yet somehow also spontaneous. Our thoughts tend to repeat in patterns of thinking. Just as a trees essence shapes its branches, these patterns of thought shape our identities, our future, and even our reality. Spontaneity is constant while I paint. Yet decisions are always made in response to prior decisions. Spontaneity is defined as exhibiting actions, impulses, or behavior that is stimulated by internal processes. In actuality it is impossible to be fully removed from exterior stimulation. By default we are uniquely creative.

Spontaneity is part and parcel to free will. Free will allows us to effect and influence our surroundings either directly or indirectly. This is so because we are all connected to everything at the most microscopic level. In order to affect our environment, thought it turns out, plays a much greater role than action. As the observer effect implies, quantum physicists have found that particles respond to perception. I speak of perception not only in its most obvious form but down to ones perspective and expectations. This suggests our “free will” is expresses beyond our singular selves and into the world which surrounds. Life seems to “branch” unexpectedly no matter how well we try to physically control its course. I suggest control is often confused by indeliberate thought and or misguided action.

True control as it turns out, is not merely outwardly manipulation of our surroundings but mostly, deliberate mental focus. In order for success, a state of joyful equanimity is required. Actually, the state itself is success. Painting has become a vehicle for me to achieve that inspired state.

With emotion as my guide, and using spatula instead of brush, paint is deposited across the canvas to be then buried under new paint with only sections left revealed. Patterns of form and color arise out of the seeming randomness. With each layer, like our memories, the present state informs the next subsequent gesture. In this present is where all our power lies.

On view April 4th – May 1st, 2012
Opening reception is 6 pm – 8 pm Sunday, April 8th.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
3356 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR
M-F: 6AM-9PM / S-S: 7AM-9PM
TEL: 503-232-8889

Curator Contact Info:
Wendy Swartz