Kenya Video

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Kenya from Stumptown Coffee Roasters on Vimeo.

In November 2010 Stumptown Coffee Roasters sent a two person film crew, Trevor Fife and Autumn Campbell, to Kenya to shadow their green coffee buying team. Travelling north about 100 miles from Nairobi into the Nyeri district of the Central Province, their cameras focused on two factories (washing stations) that have developed long term working relationships with Stumptown. Both Ngunguru Factory in the Tekangu Cooperative Society and Gaturiri factory in the Barichu Cooperative Society are exquisite examples of high quality washed processed Kenyan coffees.

Many thanks to Charles Kanwitu, Eluid Kimotho, Jeremiah Muraya, Ngatia Kanyoge and all of the people at Ngunguru, Gaturiri, Central Kenya Coffee Mills, and C. Dormans.

filmed and edited by Trevor Fife