Latin America June 2007

Greetings fellow cuppers! It has been busy and exciting around the table here at the Stumptown Cupping room. We’ve welcomed several new crop coffees and are deep in the heart of Cup of Excellence auction season. The Stumptown purchased Nicaragua Las Golondrinas on the CoE auction for a record (again!) price of $47.06/lb. We bought this very clean, multidimensional, gorgeously sweet and citric coffee all by ourselves and won’t, therefore, have to share it with anyone but you. This coffee hasn’t arrived yet, so stand by. Not to mention that we still have the Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras auctions on the way.

Not only has the Honduras Finca el Puente returned with flavors of concord grape, stone fruit, sage, lavender and chocolate bunnies(!), it has a beautiful little micro-lot in tow. Finca el Puente Micro-lot #3, or simply “Matilde” is the first of a series of el Puente small (micro) lots that we will be offering over the summer and fall. Matilde received the highest of accolades at our cupping table with flavors of caramel covered red apple and champagne grapes. It’s the best of both worlds!

By now, you may have heard of the ceiling-shattering prices commanded by a certain Panama celebrity Geisha. Well, there’s no need to pine after that lady on the big screen when the Geisha-next-door is every bit as worthy of your love and attention. The Panama Don Pachi has returned and it is every bit as exotic, citric, sweet and silken as one could hope.

The past few weeks have also witnessed the triumphant return of Guatemala Finca el Injerto 100% Bourbon. This coffee consistently cups high on our lists with very creamy milk chocolate, soft, plum fruit and delicate lavender. This is my favorite french-press in the morning these days!

Also our lost CoE Brasil, Fazenda Santa Terezinha, has returned after a very long and strange trip. Silly coffee showed in America with out its papers and sat in customs until it proved not to be a terrorist. The Terezinha is now available with its full complement of bright tangerine and stone-fruit sweetness.

P.S. The #1 Colombian Cup of Excellence coffee you’ve been waiting for just arrived! It will be available soon!