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Latin and Africa – August, 2007

Finca El Injerto 100% bourbon is hitting on all cylinders again. It brings its lunch pail and hard hat to work everyday and continues to impress us with its yeoman-like work ethic. El Injerto bourbon is a beautiful, versatile coffee. This year, we’ve made two additions to our lineup from Finca El Injerto. The maragogype is an electrically bright and floral coffee that has blown Stumptown employee mind after mind with its intense and complex nature. The Pacamara is a toned down hybrid version whose orange, apricot and heavy chocolate flavors mesh seamlessly with each other to form a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. I suppose it’s the Voltron of coffees.

We’re sure many of you folks lustfully remember our Wild Forest Limu coffee of last year. Guess what? It’s back and equally as stunning. Well, stunning if you’re into strawberry lemonade, plums, milk chocolate and hibiscus tea. My apologies if I’m getting ahead of myself again. Look for this coffee under its new name, Tega & Tula. We’ve done our homework this year and traced this coffee back to two plantations in Bonga, home to the original wild coffee forests of the Kaffa Kingdom, where it’s produced.

Last of all, the cleanest, sweetest and most complete of Nicaraguan coffees- Los Delirios is back this summer, and he brought friends. This group of five isn’t raucous and rowdy but a rather laid back and easy going group. The sweetness and balance of the Los Delirios has made it my staple morning press pot coffee this summer. Check out our rotation of 5 Nicaraguan micro-lots through our cafes and website from now until the rest of the year, assuming there’s still some left!