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March art openings


Crayon Coffin & Mushroom Necklace present Ghastly Wave
On view DOWNTOWN March 7th – March 31st
Closing reception Thursday, March 28th (6 p.m. – 8 p.m.)

For the past five years, Mike Little (Jollapin Jasper), William Khein, and Dusty Dirtweed (Peterman), known collectively as Crayon Coffin and Mushroom Necklace, have been making music posters in three different cities of the West Coast: Portland, San Francisco, and San Diego. Having originally met in the Midwest and shared Ghastly Cave, a collective studio, together they produced silkscreen posters, paintings, and noise music.

Jeremy Okai Davis: Weapons at Hand 
On View through the month of March at DIVISION
Closing reception is Sunday, March 24th (4 p.m. – 6 p.m.)

In the work of Jeremy Okai Davis, color use and fidelity to his subjects makes them feel alive, without being too literal. The work feels really light at first glance, but on closer examination of text and posture, the work is full of conflict, an exploration of the contrast between the shiny, smiling exterior that is frequently presented on the surface and the inner, self-conscious, status obsessed mind state that so many of us endure beneath it all.


Joseph Irving Johnson McVetty: Magic In The Age Of Pyramids
On View through the month of March at BELMONT

The masked participants of these drawings are acting out rituals involving age old occult signifiers such as crystals, energy fields, levitation, conjuring and sacrifice. Each drawing aims to evoke the feelings associated with magic and the supernatural. There is an interest in how occult practitioners wish to protect themselves, to gather power to themselves, to assure their good fortune and guarantee their luck in this universe by penetrating the Unknown.