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Maria Joan Dixon: Art Downtown July 2012

Maria Joan Dixon
“Anything You Want Done, Baby, I’ll Do It Naturally”

For Anything You Want Done, Baby, I’ll Do It Naturally, her first solo painting exhibition at Stumptown’s Downtown café, Maria Joan Dixon uses spray painted, tie-dyed Western Americana textiles as the canvas for a series of portraits featuring Tarot Card Empresses. In explicit pastiche mode, the work acts as a fantasy montage of Dixon’s own perceived past lives as an Empress through the Middle Ages, as much as it is a nod toward her European heritage and a life-changing spiritual awakening she had at the hands of a Native American shaman. Donning her token jeweled hands and smiley faces, she weaves symbols of graffiti, fashion, friendship, creativity, unconditional love, and ceremony with classical detailing, passing through the popular culture of our times. Together, Dixon’s Empresses can be seen as manifesting the all-encompassing Mother that she is, perhaps, longing to be, replete with tokens of family, beauty, and abundance.

Maria Joan Dixon is a born and raised Portland painter. Teaching herself acrylic painting since childhood, Dixon developed her graffiti handle in 2005, moving to oil paints in 2010 and creating then her classical graffiti genre. Her work was most recently shown at New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA—as the only female graffiti artist in the DRUGS crew—and was previously exhibited in Portland, OR at Breeze Block Gallery, Sugar Gallery, and Stumptown Downtown. Dixon is a staple of Portland identity, having created album covers for Adrian Orange, Valet, Swan Island, and Eternal Tapestry (upcoming), and murals for Rad Summer, The Box Social, and Sol Republic Headquarters.

On view July 2nd – August 2nd, 2012
Opening reception Sunday, July 8th, 5 – 7 p.m.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
128 SW Third Avenue
Portland, OR
M-F: 6am-7pm / S-S: 7am-7pm