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Marshall Scheider | 2013


Do not miss Stumptown family member Marshall Scheider’s photo show opening at the Portland Belmont Cafe this weekend. Marshall’s work is striking, all shot on a Voigtlander Bessa-R, on Kodak Tri-X 400, developed at 800 in a d76 developer.

His work is rife with photos of tall shadows, young men on skateboards, in old cars or plunging headlong into dark bodies of water. Landscapes and city streets through his lens seem both forgotten and hard-lived.

The cool light, content matter and color palate of his work elicit a certain nostalgic homesickness — maybe it’s the incomparable beauty of film, his slow, keen gaze (rare in this day), or a nod to his photographer father’s work from the early 90s. He also mines inspiration for his most recent work from photographers Lee Friedlander and Harry Callahan, and cites Gerhard Richter as one of his favorite artists, influential in his collision of painting and photography.


He says of this show:

“The initial inspiration for this project, as well as the panel and frame design, was sparked by work made by my father from roughly ’89-’92. The panels and frames are (in my opinion) an improvement upon his original design, but essentially the same aesthetically. He was also working with hand tinting (on silver gelatin prints) on an AGFA paper called portriga that is really beautiful and no longer in production. His work in this vein, especially ’89, ’90, ’91, was all photo-collages, hand tinted with oils and mounted on painted panels (I don’t think he made any white ones though, and his were brush painted not sprayed) and then ’92, ’93, ’94 the work shifted more towards a more gridded style (as opposed to collage) that influenced the larger piece in my show. He has a looseness and freedom about [his work] that I really, really envy.”

He shared with us photos of his studio and images of his collage and hand-tinting process. See more of his Marshall’s work hereThe show 2013 is on view through July 31 at Stumptown Belmont, with a reception on Sunday, July 7, from 4-6 pm.