Marshall Scheider, 2013


Marshall Scheider

The process of creating this work has been my personal attempt to explore the peculiarity of the world around us; a world filled with future artifacts that serve as a testament to the unsustainability of our culture, its mass-produced, throw away nature, manufactured obsolescence, and the glaring evidence of its impending decay.

Focusing on details, context and meaning of these objects is lost, leaving only familiar forms whose strange nature is augmented by the use of surreal color and the juxtaposition of the natural and unnatural, leaving the viewer with a sense of dissociation in which they are forced to find new meaning and redefine their relationship to these overlooked, pedestrian fossils of civilization.

For my Father.

Special thanks to Owen MacDaniels and Alex Steckly, without whom this project would not have come to fruition.

On view July 3rd – July 31st at Belmont café
Reception is 4-6pm Sunday, July 7th