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Matt Niebuhr: Art at Division March 2011

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Some thoughts about line drawings:

A wonderful thing about drawing a line is that it can be any number of things. One line is not necessarily any more important or informative than any other line. We might assign a line a representative value,  it may become symbolic.

Strictly speaking, a line is a geometrical object that is straight, infinitely long and infinitely thin. A line is one-dimensional. It has zero width in mathematics. If you draw a line with a pencil, the pencil mark has a measurable width.  In this sense, the pencil line is an approximation of the idea of a line on paper.

A line as an idea drawn can be a beautiful thing in all of its imperfect representation.

Matt Niebuhr is an artist living and working in Portland, exploring the threshold at which ordinary visibility ends and perception begins.

More about his work can be seen on his website:   www.mattniebuhr.com