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The Mighty AeroPress


The AeroPress was invented in 2006 by American inventor and Stanford engineer Alan Adler, famed founder of the Aerobie frisbee line, in an attempt to create a combination of total immersion brewing, pressurized extraction, and filtered coffee.

Adler-&-Prototypes-620Alan Adler with the AeroPress and some early prototypes. 

The AeroPress is such a flexible brewer that it inspires ingenuity in coming up with a favorite way to use it.  We have a couple methods of our own that we love – check out our inverted brew method here and our on-the-go upright method here.

It’s taken the world by storm and there are countless ways to brew a great cup – just check in with the World AeroPress Championships, and you’ll start to understand the obsession. There’s even a mobile app to help you keep your time and methods straight.

It has inspired in other ways too – check out these posters from championships around the world.

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