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MIXTAPE: Jesse Marvin, Snatching It Back


Jesse Marvin (whose cutie pie wife, coincidentally, shares the same name) takes us on an up and up, funky fantastic, R&B voyage with this mix. Jesse can often be found wandering around our HQ, taking care of business, telling really good stories, moving pallets of green beans, ordering supplies for our warehouse, and being generally amazing. He thinks he probably has an official title, but if it’s up to him, he prefers “Trail Boss.”

Jesse is an Oregon native, who “grew up chopping wood, smoking meat, dirt bikin’, break dancing, and slapping fives. There was an awful lot of neon and fireworks in those days, just the thought makes my hair stand on end! My hours after work are spent running the stink off my four-year-old, squeezing my Sweetie, and lots of good old fashioned shits and giggles.”

Thanks Boss.