MIXTAPE: Jonathan Sielaff, 12:31AM


Jonathan Sielaff, our Portland Coffee Educator, put together this lovely and chilled out mix to keep us calm and carrying on. Aside from being a pro-palate espresso maestro, he’s also an amazing musician, and all around rad Renaissance dude. He and his wife Heather comb the Northwest wilderness unearthing scents for OLO Fragrance, and his experimental electro-acoustic duo Golden Retriever is finishing up a new album for Thrill Jockey — they also have a recording project with Ilyas Ahmed in the works. Jonathan had a very global upbringing (read all about his life and times in China and the Cook Islands in this profile we wrote on him earlier this year.) His most recent international exploits involve Portland farmers’ markets and diving headlong into Sicilian and Basque cooking.