Nathan McKee


Our friend and former Stumptown employee Nathan McKee makes paper cut art about basketball that is impressively three-dimensional and expressive. He was recently interviewed for the blog Hardwood Paroxysm, and has this to say about his process and his networthy subjects:

I’m pretty much self-taught. I’ve always drawn since I was a kid but as I got older I started doing a lot of screen printing and stenciling. The more I got into basketball, the more I realized how much style & motion was involved with it as well as players’ personalities in their expressions. It drove me to try and capture that on paper. I also really liked the interactions I got from people when they saw my pieces and the dialogue it opened up; at one of my shows, someone that I wouldn’t even expect to be into basketball, saw a Rasheed Wallace piece I did and all of a sudden they are talking like a teenager about that one time he did this or that. I think that’s cool that something like basketball can get people to talk to each other without actually knowing each other especially at something like an art opening.

See more of Nathan’s work here.magic - Jordan_6 Blazers