New Coffee Arrivals for December 2010

Colombia La Piramide Reserva

Direct Trade / Grand Cru

Our Reserva lot combines lots from four producers from Pedregal de Inza in the Cauca Valley: Walter Penna, Norbey Sancho, Manuel Jose Castillo and Fulgencio Volveras. These producers are members of the Asorcafe producer’s association and have withstood the propaganda to plant the inferior quality Castillo/Colombia varietals. After manual depulping these coffee beans are fermented in tanks up to 18 hours before being washed and laid to sun dry on parabolic beds. Warm baking spice fragrances lure your senses to a honey laced basket of red fruits like strawberry, red currant and watermelon that finish with notes of brown sugar.

Kenya Gichatha-ini

Gichatha-ini, a cooperatively owned factory with 897 farmer members, paid farmers the highest rate in all of Kenya in 2006. Planting shade trees and avoiding intercropping is encouraged to promote individual farm productivity. Members are educated about preserving surrounding natural sites and wildlife. After harvest, farmers deliver their cherries to the washing station where they are sorted, weighed, graded, and de-pulped. The coffee is then slowly sun dried on raised metal beds in two stages. Raspberry is the principal flavor, cloaked with notes of kiwi, cocoa, pineapple and raw sugar in a cup redolent of dried flowers.