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Sending you warm well wishes for a bright and spirited 2015. Some of our cafes will be open for espresso to help shake off the champagne.

DEC 31, 2014 (NYE)


All cafes open 6am – 5pm
Annex regular hours, 10am – 4pm


Pine open 7am – 5pm
12th open 6am – 5pm


Both cafes open 7am – 5pm


Santa Fe open 7am – 5pm

JAN 1, 2015 (NEW YEAR’S DAY)


All cafes open 8am – 3pm


Both cafes open 8am – 3pm


Ace Hotel (W.29th) open 9am – 4pm
Greenwich Village (W.8th) Cafe & Brew Bar CLOSED




Ryan Maley in our PDX Finance Department put together a twinkling, wintry mix for us. Bundle up, pour a cup and listen up!

What do you do at Stumptown?

I work in the Finance department as the Accounts Payable Clerk at our Stumptown HQ in Portland.

How do you take your coffee?

I really like all our Latin American options, but I have been digging the Guatemala La Concepcion Buenavista. It has a cold weather, bundle up, and stay inside feel to it. Our training department taught me how to brew with a Bee House and I have not turned back since. It makes a delicious single cup of coffee!

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I really love listening to music, finding new artists, and hunting for vinyl. I spend a lot of my weekends rooting for the Oregon Ducks, Blazers, and Bayern Munich. I love exploring our beautiful city and state. I would really love to get outside more this upcoming year.

Favorite things to eat right now in Portland?

There are a ton of amazing restaurants in PDX and so many I have yet to try. That being said, I just got turned to oysters a couple months ago and have been really enjoying those right now. Specifically at The Woodsman and Ox.

Favorite corner of the city?

Portland is full of fun neighborhoods, but lately I have been enjoying NW 21st – 23rd. I feel like they have moved from just being a retail area to having some awesome new restaurants and bars. It has a lot more character now.

What can you tell us about this mix?

These are just some of my favorite slower, quieter songs. I think they really represent those dark, cold winter nights where you are up in the wee hours of the morning, doing some deep thinking with the help of a glass of whiskey. Everyone has had those moments and I think this mix touches on that a bit. Also, I find a lot of these songs are just really beautiful, whether it be musically or lyrically. I included 2 songs from my favorite artist, Elliott Smith, a musical icon of our wonderful city. Hopefully everyone else will enjoy some of my selections as well!

Thanks Ryan!



Wishing you and yours a warm and happy holiday. Here’s to another good year of great coffee. Cheers and best wishes!

December 24, 2014 (Christmas Eve)

  • Portland

    • Downtown, 6am – 5pm

    • Stumptown at Ace Hotel Portland, 6am – 5pm

    • Belmont, 6am – 5pm

    • Division, 6am – 5pm

    • Annex at HQ, 10am – 4pm

  • Seattle

    • Pine, 7am – 5pm

    • 12th, 6am – 5pm

  • New York

    • Stumptown at Ace New York (W. 29th), 7am – 5pm

    • Greenwich Village (W. 8th), 7am – 5pm

    • Brew Bar Greenwich Village (W. 8th), CLOSED

  • Los Angeles

    • S. Santa Fe, 7am – 5pm

December 25, 2014 (Christmas Day)

  • Portland

    • Downtown, CLOSED

    • Stumptown at Ace Hotel Portland, 8am – 3pm

    • Belmont, 8am – 3pm

    • Division, 8am – 3pm

    • Annex at HQ, CLOSED

  • Seattle

    • Pine, 8am – 3pm

    • 12th, 8am – 3pm

  • New York

    • Stumptown at Ace New York (W. 29th), 9-4

    • Greenwich Village (W. 8th), CLOSED

    • Brew Bar Greenwich Village (W. 8th), CLOSED

  • Los Angeles

    S. Santa Fe, CLOSED

December 26, 2014

The Annex at HQ in Portland will be CLOSED; all other cafes are open normal hours.


On view December 3, 2014 – January 13, 2015

For the month of December, Stumptown’s Downtown gallery is pleased to present Michigan-based photographer Debbie Carlos. Born in Los Angeles, Carlos grew up in Manila, Philippines. She has since studied psychology at Clark University in Massachusetts and photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been exhibited all over the US, Europe and Asia, and featured on such publications as Time Out Chicago, Anthology Mag, Frankie Magazine, Design for Mankind, Food & Wine Magazine, Design Love Fest, Refinery 29, and Buzzfeed.

Her photos attempt to capture objects at their moments of greatest clarity: In certain light, at a certain time of day, in a certain place. The method is to wander and notice. Moments of quiet strangeness, patterns of light and shadow, minute-by-minute surprises, changes that don’t happen, something askew, something exactly in place, natural and artificial phenomena, are all sources of inspiration, and the subjects for her work.

About the black and white posters which will be on view at Stumptown, Carlos says:

I have always loved the Eames mantra of “Create the best for the most for the least.” Good, beautiful things should be available to everyone. During my time in art school, I began to use the plotters in the architecture department to make quick, large, and affordable prints for class. I loved the rough and textural aesthetic of the black-and-white, half-tone images. Reappropriating for fine art a printing method usually reserved for architectural drawings allowed me to produce striking pieces that were casual, but also bold.

Stumptown Downtown
128 SW Third Avenue
Portland, OR