brew_kits_blogWe scoured the globe to find and test the best brew gear around. We’ve pulled some of our favorites together to help you get everything you need to brew your best cup at home, whoever you are. Each kit comes with a tailored brew guide to get you going.


Ideal for the traveling or wilderness types, or those looking for a durable, portable, hard-knock coffee brewing experience. This kit comes with a Porlex mini burr grinder, Snow Peak coffee dripper, our new enamel mug, filters, and bag of Hair Bender. Bon Voyage!


This is a perfect basic pour over set-up for the home brewer. It includes the lovable Bee House dripper (a breeze to use and brewer of a great medium-bodied cup), the Hario ceramic burr grinder, Bonavita gooseneck kettle, filters, ceramic military mug and a bag of Hair Bender. Keep calm and journey on.


The Chemist kit is ideal for those exacting, Chemex-loving brewers among us. The Chemex is known for it’s classic, high-design and its lab-grade filter, which collects many of the oils and fines and allows for a bright, clean cup. This kit comes with the Chemex glass handle coffeemaker, filters, a Baratza Encore electric grinder, Bonavita gooseneck kettle, ceramic military mug, bag of Hair Bender and pocket scale to see how things measure up.


This is the kit for the touch and go types or those who want to make killer coffee for a crowd. It includes the Bonavita Thermal Carafe Brewer (the best in its field because of its ability to regulate temperature), filters, a Baratza Virtuoso electric burr grinder, ceramic military mug, pocket scale, and a bag of Hair Bender. Party on dudes.

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