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Seattle’s Top 5 Lattes

1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

1115 12th Ave., First Hill

Just a few years ago, this new kid in town popped up to share a taste of Portland with Seattle natives. Thank God it did. Stumptown sits in the middle of a Venn diagram surrounded by indie rockers, artists, college coeds and sophisticated professionals. It serves all of the above with one hell of a latte. Ousting a hometown favorite from the number one spot, this sixteen ounce mug of perfection smells as distinctive as it tastes. Mild and basic it is not, with flavor profiles spanning Indonesia all the way to Panama (to name only a couple). The 12th Avenue crew grinds it, pulls it and steams it to highlight the best each bean has to offer, so if you have particular likes (floral?), dislikes (acidic?), or curiosities about where to start, ask before your order, there’s a jolt for every palette. This latte might be life-changing, or at the very least make you to drive an extra five minutes out of your way.