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SHAKE, Photographs by Carli Davidson (Division)

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

On View April 2nd – May 29th
Opening Reception Sunday, April 20th 4-6pm

“Writing too much about SHAKE as a body of fine art would seem to detract from what it captures, which are animals devoid of ego.

SHAKE, a collection of warped and spittle-flinging dogs, is meant to be enjoyed for all of its simple, silly, distorted grossness. These dogs built my career. They paved the way with their wonky eyes and distorted lips, posted innocently on Facebook in late 2011, quickly finding their way around the world in a viral frenzy. This phenomenon left me scrambling to use the opportunity to find a way to make a stable living as an artist by taking pictures of cute animals. I continue to feel like I’m getting away with something after finding success in the last few years.

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

This is the first time I’ve shown the series printed as a cohesive body of work. While I’ve had numerous offers, no setting felt quite right and the timing was always off. Stumptown is a natural choice for these prints as I spent almost every day here at some point while shooting the series. This shop and it’s many super awesome baristas were all part of my creative process.

Enjoy, laugh, and be disgusted.”

Best, Carli

Printing and finishing produced by my all time favorite printer and rad local business, Pushdot studio.

For more information, please contact Wendy Swartz (wendy@stumptowncoffee.com)


Division Stumptown
4525 SE Division Street