SPACESHIPS, Cin Shepherd (Belmont)


On view May 30th – June 29th
Opening Reception Sunday, June 8th
 4 – 6pm

“The things that stand out the most are:  I have a little boy who is three. He is the cutest human on the planet. I live with him, my partner and her teenaged daughter. They are cute too, and also scary. I work, to pay some bills, with fruit and vegetables at New Seasons Market. And I work in my basement studio, to keep a tenuous grasp on my sanity, on some artwork.  I like being in the woods and with friends and eating sweet things. I don’t get enough sleep at all. I’m so happy it’s summertime. I like movies and sometimes stay awake to finish them. I like to listen to books, which brings me to…

This show came to mind while I was on a science fiction binge. It really stood out to me that both classic and current authors nearly always write up a dystopian future. Whether environmental or world war or technologically driven (usually a combination), the end of our society was always down. Yes, it’s easy to imagine, with our environmental disregard and hand computers and general lack of empathy.  But, what if the strongest and best version of us is what wins out?  I wanted to imagine an end to all this as a path to something sweeter. Maybe our future is utopian. Maybe we are better than we think… And if so, this is where I imagine we make our new home, these spaceships.”

- Nicholas Schaefer (aka Cin Shepherd)

PS: Proceeds from this show go to Eden Carr’s “Carpe Diem Education” trip to India.

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Belmont Stumptown
3356 SE Belmont Street