Spencer Moody


If you spotted Spencer Moody, languidly ambling the hills surrounding his new home in Mount Washington, CA, you might not recognize him as the thrashing frontman of Seattle’s much-revered punk/garage band The Murder City Devils.

The band has re-formed more or less since their break up, put out a 7” a year ago, and has plans to release a new record “at some point in the future,” but these days, Moody says, he’s been playing a lot of music by himself, and is most likely to be sun-soaked at the beach or walking about in the hills with his wife, eating Mexican food, and looking forward to roasting coffee again.

We caught up with Moody to get a sense of how he’s acclimating to the sun.


Hi Spencer. How is L.A. treating you? 

It’s good. Really good.

Are you playing any music? 

For now, I’m mostly doing stuff by myself. I’m always going to be playing music.

How did you get involved with Stumptown?

I had been running a junk shop [Anne Bonny in Seattle] for a couple of years, I closed that and my friend John Atkins had worked at Stumptown and his job seemed cool. So I applied for a production job and got it. I loved it immediately. I was roasting for the last year and a half or so. Roasting is great, and I can’t wait to do it again.

How are you finding L.A. after growing up and living in Seattle for so long? What are the biggest differences?

The sun, the ocean, and the culture. Where we live is 58% hispanic and it’s nice. It feels warm to us and we love downtown L.A. We live in Mount Washington, and at the end of our block is a little nature preserve where you hike up into the hills. There’s a meditation retreat that’s a 15-minute walk away.

What are you really liking right now?

The Rainbow Stories by William T. Vollmann.

What are some of your favorite haunts in L.A.? 

There is a taco place called Guisados that we like. Our favorite radio station is KCHUNG. We like to hang out in the fashion district and drive out to the Salton Sea on the weekends. My favorite bar will remain secret. We also really like to go see Crazy Band and Mikki and the Mauses.

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