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Stumptown Blend Trio

blog_620px (1)For the first time, we’re offering a tasting trio of three of our beloved blends. A perfect introduction to our coffees and a great gift for Mom & Dad, your new neighbor, first-time parents, or just about anyone, including your sweet ass self.

Hair Bender is our signature and most popular blend – it’s what we use in our cafes as espresso, and it contains a blend of all three growing regions – coffees from Latin America, Africa and Indonesia are included in the mix. It’s very balanced, with sweet and savory notes of milk chocolate, Meyer lemon and jasmine.

The Holler Mountain blend is certified organic with coffees from Central and South America and Indonesia. It’s a little heavier bodied and more syrupy with dark toned notes of toffee, hazelnut and blackberry.

The House Blend is a mix of Latin and East African coffees from some producers with which we have a direct trade supply relationship. It’s supremely balanced and sweet, with toasted nut and floral aromas and a milk chocolate finish.

You can now taste these three beauties side by side and see what suits you. Shop here.