Stumptown Express

We’re huge fans of the handwritten word around here, which is why we’d like to help you send a Valentine to someone you care about and we’ll pick up the postage. Go to one of our cafes, pick up a Vday postcard and drop it off in the box at the counter. Snap a photo of your handiwork and share the love with us using #StumptownExpress. For inspiration we draw from Letters of NoteShaun Usher’s blog, which is “an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos,” via Fast Company‘s Co.Design blog. From the tender to the creepy, love knows no bounds.

Johnny Cash to June Carter CashJohhnyCash-to-June

From Elzie Segar, the cartoonist of Popeye, to his then-girlfriend (future wife) Myrtle Johnson


From Marlon Brando to an airline stewardess he met on a flight (1966)


From Jimi Hendrix to a girlfriend he called “Little Girl”

jimmyhendrixFrom President Gerald Ford to his wife Betty Ford after she was diagnosed with breast cancer (1974) geraldford2

From Charlie Parker to his girlfriend Chan Woods


From Ludwig Van Beethoven to an unidentified “immortal beloved”


Send us yours. #StumptownExpress