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The Pancake Epidemic + Stumptown Coffee Roasters


We have teamed up with creative agency The Pancake Epidemic and are stoked to host their Coffee Outpost in the agency’s well-curated and inspired headquarters surrounded by Miracle Mile in L.A.

This Friday’s “Coffee Grinder” event marks our first Friday at the Outpost, and will feature one of our own pulling shots to kick off an alliance with TPE and renowned artist Samuel Bayer (the man behind Nirvana’s iconic Smells Like Teen Spirit video among other great work.) He is also known for his unique hand-processed treatments to photographs and film stills–he’s the man behind the lens and lab in the Cold Brew piece above. (Sam’s Portland-born assistant reportedly smuggled bottles of Cold Brew to photo shoots for years.) This opening also marks the unveiling of a cool collaboration with artist Wes Lang, who will create work for the front panel of the Outpost espresso bar.

Each Friday morning, The Pancake Epidemic invites artists, gallerists, boutique owners, designers, and the rest of L.A.’s finest over for coffee and breakfast and a meeting of the minds, in a space primed for espresso-fueled dialogue.

We’re also kicking off Samuel’s enormous, large-format, black and white solo photography show at the Ace Gallery in Beverly Hills opening this weekend. There is a preview on Saturday, March 2 and the show opens to the public on Sunday, March 3.